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We have had 351,000 people visit the parks across the state. 327– Parks and Gardens have been established and maintained statewide. These include; 3 Public Event Parks, 297-Gardens, 31-schools, 2-Community Parks and Gardens.

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We have vast open spaces amidst lush greenery, our venues are suitable for all types of functions and activities.

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Our parks and gardens offer a host of activities from Lagos state government and third parties, for individuals, families, the young and the old. Whether you are looking for an outdoor stage to enjoy a performance, or scenic stretch for you to cycle along, you will be able to find these and more at our gardens, parks, park connector networks and nature reserves.

Do you have a Tree Emergency?

Please let us know what the emergency is and we will take it from there

Gardening Tips

Do you love the greenery around Lagos? You can do your part by contributing to the maintenance of these landscapes through gardening!

Tree Pruning?

Did you know it is illegal to prune trees without approval from LASPARK? Get approval to prune a tree today!