Departments and Units

Agency Secretary/Legal Unit

The Office is saddled with the following responsibilities;

  • Support of board activities.
  • Collating and coordinating all periodic activity reports of the Agency (monthly, quarterly, annually and as requested)
  • Represent the Agency at scheduled meetings.
  • To proffer legal advice and handle all legal matters for the Agency.
  • Co-ordinate, manage abatement review panel and issuance of Court summons after the expiration of such abatement notices.
  • Issue reports and recommendations of all decisions carried out by the panel to the GM
  • Ensure effective compliance with the Agency law by the citizens
  • Preparation and vetting of Contract agreements and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).
  • Perform other duties as specifically assigned by the General Manager.

Strategic Engagement

The Office is saddled with the following responsibilities;

  • Shall actively engage strategic Agencies of Government in line with the mandate of the Agency
  • Shall be in charge of Public Private Partnerships as it relates to the Agency
  • Shall ensure and facilitate international engagement and support for the Agency
  • Apply for grant funding for execution of agency projects

Billboard management

  • Thorough appraisal of mails, proposals, company profiles based on the request such as adoption of beautifies sites for the purpose of deploying advertisement hoardings
  • Assessment and evaluation of requests to use open spaces for advertisement hoardings.
  • Ensure 100% revenue achievement

Policy, Planning and Capital Project


  • Creation of policies to further LASG greening policy
  • Set policies to ensure there are green spaces all over Lagos
  • Set standards for beautification using countries like Dubai and Singapore as a model


  • Creation of plans and designs for beautification by the agency
  • Development of comprehensive short and medium term beautification plans
  • Production of Architectural designs and drawings.
  • Schematic design of proposed project.Standard design for all beautified projects

Capital Project

  • Overseeing project activities on establishing of landscaped and beautified sites.
  • Oversee execution of projects
  • Preparation of BoQs as needed
  • Assessment and evaluation of sites to be landscaped and beautified open space property setback or perimeter fence at no cost to the Government.

Horticulture and Landscaping


  • Establishment and maintenance of a research green house and plant nurseries for the introduction, familiarization and adaptation of new ornamental varieties and trees.
  • Establishment and maintenance of a standard and functional library on plants, trees, landscaped designs, parks, tools, equipment, health and safety etc
  • Establishment and maintenance of a standard plant studio for visual identification of plants, tools and equipment for training.
  • Collaboration with Research Institutes and other relevant bodies for new innovations in Horticulture and Forestry etc
  • Identification of sites for conservation
  • Develop technical information for the Public.
  • Management of the Plant Nurseries to a World class nursery to deliver comprehensive inventory of flowers and plants
  • Sale of plants

Tree Planting And Management

  • Handling of requests on felling, pruning and transplanting of trees
  • Transplanting of trees using the Big John Transplanting spade
  • Attending to public complaints on tree issues
  • Monitoring and supervision of pruning and felling of trees within the state
  • Enumeration and tagging of trees within the State inclusive of those in private tenements.
  • Promoting afforestation in the State.
  • Tree planting planning, oversee execution
  • Tree pruning planning, oversee execution
  • Monitoring and enumeration of trees
  • Ceremonial tree planting

Regional Managers

  • Oversee and maintain agency managed sites
  • Oversee horticulture activities in region and carry out intervention according to SOPs
  • Manage gangs
  • Manage tree planters and pruners
  • Prepare site watering schedule for water management unit

Water Management

  • Management of borehole and water reticulation systems in Parks and Gardens statewide.
  • Watering of parks and gardens managed by the Agency

Finance & Corporate Services


  • Facilitate the activities of all Departments and Units for efficient and effective service delivery.
  • Assisting in the formulation, execution and review of policies towards achieving the mandate of the Agency
  • Responsible for capacity building (Local & International) training and development of all staff
  • Management and Supervision of the Registry and Agency’s records
  • Maintenance of the Agency’s fleet of operational vehicles, including insurance matters.
  • Responsible for Personnel matters, staff discipline and career progression in line with Public Service Rules.
  • Inter-departmental deployment of staff for effective service delivery.
  • Implementation of staff welfare package policies of government
  • Responsible for the recruitment and enumeration of project staff and operatives.

Budget and Planning Unit

The Planning Unit is saddled with the following under-listed responsibilities/Functions:-

  • Support to the newly created Economic Intelligence Unit in the Ministry of Economic Planning and Budget.
  • Management of Medium Term Sector Strategy (MTSS) and Medium Term Expenditure Framework (MTEF) processes in MDAs.
  • Preparation of Annual Budget on the same format for all MDAs as well as Implementation, Monitoring and Control.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Programmes and Projects leading to Performance.
  • Rendition of Monthly appraisal of Budget (Revenue, Recurrent and Capital Expenditure) returns from MDAs.
  • Monitoring of the Implementation of the Ten Point Agenda (TPA), Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), Vision 20:20 and such other High policy/planning documents as may be in general use and those peculiar to each MDAs.
  • Provision of Technical support to Development Partners Programmes as it relates to specific MDAs (UN, UNDAF, DFID-SPARC, ILO etc.) being implemented through MEPB.
  • Liaising with MEP&B on financial requests of the Agency.
  • Liaising with State Tenders Board (STB).Liaising with relevant
  • Agencies regarding planning/Budget matters.
  • Tracking of Budget Performance periodically.
  • Collection, Collation and Analysis s of Statistical Data relating to the activities of the Agency and forwarding such data to the Lagos State Bureau of Statistics at MEPB periodically.


  • Maintain and ensure compliance with Financial Regulation, treasury circular and other relevant rules and policies.
  • Maintain and keep relevant book of account of the Agency.Advice Management on all Accounting and Financial matters as it affect the Agency.
  • Liaising with the state Treasury office and Ministry of Economic Planning and Budget on behalf of the Agency.
  • Collection of remittance from the State Treasury Office and pay same into the agency Account for further disbursement.
  • Supervise assign responsibilities, post and maintain discipline of account staff in the agency.
  • Preparation of monthly and Quarterly Financial Report and other financial statement as may be required by the State Treasury Office.
  • Performing any other assignment assigned to me by the Accounting Office and the State Treasury Office.