We partner with people in different segments of the community to make Lagos our garden and create parks and gardens which are enjoyable for all.

We work with individuals who are interested in leasing spaces in our parks for businesses. We also partner and provide support to both individuals and organizations to further develop capabilities and competencies in the landscape industry in Lagos.

With development taking place regularly all around the state, we also work closely with developers and qualified persons to ensure that building development projects are carried out in a responsible and Eco-friendly manner.

Business Opportunities

Do you have a business idea or proposal that you think would work well in a park? Find out about the leasing opportunities for you to set up food and beverage, recreational or retail spaces.

Development Plan Submission

Seeking our advice on development projects ensures that your project adheres to LASPARKs’ greenery guidelines and your development is designed in a responsible, eco-friendly manner sustainable greenery for the foreseeable future. Find out more now. Email