Tree Planting

LASPARK manages the planting and care of all street trees on the public right-of-way and plants new street trees as part of a statewide initiative to green the sidewalks of Lagos. Trees make the city more livable, improve the environment, enhance public health and are a key element of the Lagos state’s initiative to make the city more sustainable as our population grows. To accomplish these goals, LASPARK operates nurseries to procure the optimal species for planting at each location and follows a series of guidelines when installing new trees.

How LASPARK Plants Trees

A number of criteria goes into choosing which species is most appropriate, including flood/drought conditions, soil compaction/pollution, sunlight, surrounding tree canopy, sidewalk width, and clearance distance from nearby infrastructure.

Trees are planted during the Tree planting season between April and July.

LASPARK Nursery unit works with experienced tree growers to make sure that only the healthiest and strongest specimen and species are selected for planting—beautifying our sidewalks, shading our streets, and providing Lagosians with a host of benefits for many years to come.