Tree Pruning & Services

At LASPARK, we highly value the role trees play in our daily lives. Trees serve as noise and temperature buffers, help stabilize soils, filter air and water all while adding to the overall aesthetics of your landscape.

Proper maintenance of your trees and shrubs will promote their health, beauty and extend their lifespan. We help you identify pruning objectives to best preserve your trees. All pruning meet Arboriculture’s best management practices. Our arborists may recommend different pruning techniques depending on the objectives.

We take routine pruning requests and immediate pruning requests are accepted via our tree services request system (or call 0800 5277275) for conditions including:

    • Damaged and/or dead limbs
    • Broken hanging limbs
    • Interference with a traffic signs, electricity cables or signals
    • Street or sidewalk blocked

If the tree is entangled in electrical wires, our crews cannot prune the tree immediately because of safety concerns around high voltage power lines an this will only be handled when the power utility company servicing the neighbourhood has been informed.

Report Tree Condition

Before you make a tree service request, please make sure that you have not previously submitted the same request. If you need to check the status of your request, please call (0800 5277275)

If the condition does not require immediate attention, we will address the issue in the next pruning cycle.

LASPARK does not perform free work on trees located on private property.

Damaged and Fallen Trees

Please report damaged or fallen trees immediately and use caution around them until our crews have arrived and addressed the condition. Visit the Damaged and Fallen Trees to submit a report.

Dead Tree and Stump Removal

Visit our Dead Tree and Stump Removal page to request the inspection and removal of a dead street tree.

Tree Pruning

LASPARK prunes trees routinely on a neighborhood-by-neighborhood basis. However, if you have an emergency tree pruning request, please visit our Tree Pruning page for more information.

Wood Debris Removal

LASPARK picks up wood debris from street trees, as well from private property in certain areas. Please visit the Wood Debris Removal page to learn more about wood debris pick-up in your area.

Street Tree Planting

Visit the Street Tree Planting page to request a street tree, or learn more about planting a tree on your own in front of your home or business.

Illegal Tree Work and Damage

It is illegal to remove or damage a tree. If you see or know of someone imperiling a tree, please visit the report the Illegal Tree Work and Damage.

Storm Response

During severe weather events, LASPARK may ask for your patience as we prioritize our work to secure the most hazardous conditions of damage following severe weather.